Our team of developers are hard at work with ensuring that your Subscriber portal will be equipped with all of the savvy features required to cross-reference applicant job experiences! Have just a bit more patience with us and we promise that it’ll be worth the wait.

Soon, you’ll be able to access the job references an applicant discloses and the ones they omit.

Currently, an employer’s only option is to attempt to verify the work experiences that prospective applicants provide to them, though prospective applicants can simply omit a previous job experience from their application to avoid an unfavorable reference. That reference could possibly alert a future employer to habitual harmful behaviors the applicant has exhibited in the past. With growing employer participation, the act of applicant omissions can become obsolete.

The more employers participate in sharing their data through Data Share™ (which is FREE), the less opportunities any applicant can have to redact their work experiences and behaviors, which will reduce employer risks in making uninformed decisions.

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