More Than Just For Getting Jobs

Have you ever had an epiphany and wondered “why didn’t I think of this before?” Well, so have we and that’s why we created R.E.F.S.™ for more than one reason. Why limit yourself to just one purpose when society has much room for improvement?

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Are you aware of all of the benefits of joining R.E.F.S.™ verification? Sure, the most obvious benefit for employers is accessing reference data for an applicant to see where they’ve worked and the terms of their separation (if any). However, your employees will benefit in other ways as well.

money 2For instance, if they should apply for a cash advance or payday loan on the weekend when you’re closed, their employment can still be electronically cross-referenced without any of your staff needing to conduct a tedious verbal verification. That’s yet another task that we’ve taken off of your plate. You need your energy for other things. Help your employees get the cash they need on the days that they’re off and you’re closed.

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Overall telephone contact hours reduction is another added benefit. There are dozens of reason why a company will call you to verify a past or present employee record. Some companies are simply bothersome because they’re disjointed. We’ve witnessed disjointed companies requiring a simple employment verification, calling the employer and verifying, neglecting to update their records, and then a different person calling again. Who in the world has patience for that? R.E.F.S.™ will reduce that annoyance with growing employer participation.

So, if you don’t currently subscribe to R.E.F.S.™ or if you do and know another employer who should, refer them! Of course, you’ll be handsomely rewarded for doing so, but you’ll also be contributing to a better system that the entire country can only benefit from.

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