Yes! The Subscriber Portal to America’s new today is now open and accepting applications for service!

That’s right. The future of America’s Employment Verification processes has arrived. Soon, disjointed verification processes will become obsolete. One day (and hopefully soon) applicants will no longer be able to lie so easily on resumes and applications about where they’ve worked. America will one day prevent the majority of bad seeds from re-sprouting up at new jobs only to plant the same poisonous behaviors among workplaces.

With this new system, qualifying for credit may also become much easier on your off-days, since data is pre-reported and fully automated. Financial institutions can simply check wage and employment histories with the applicant’s consent and a few keystrokes. No more declines on the basis of unverifiable references.

We’re working to GROW a new and safer platform for functions that shouldn’t be a hassle.  If you’re hoping to contribute, but can’t afford a plan, we’ve got you covered with our SEED AGREEMENT™!

If accepted into the Seed Agreement™ program, your 1st year of premium service could be free! Terms and conditions apply. Learn more.





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