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Tired of prospective employees exaggerating their prior experience or omitting a reference where they exhibited harmful behaviors? Having difficulty verifying basic employment? Expending needless staff hours for verifications? Our patent-pending R.E.F.S.™ will change that. R.E.F.S.™ is America’s first and only universal electronic employment reference service. With the information required to substantiate resume and applicant data available 24/7/365 electronically, the hiring process will become quite a more seamless one.

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Referee™ is a cloud-based SaaS Corporation that stores and shares data with verified Subscriber Employers for the purposes of assisting human resources representatives with electronically validating select applicant information. Some may refer to it as Electronic Employment Verification™. Our patent-pending R.E.F.S.™ database is available exclusively via subscription.

R.E.F.S.™ is the first of its kind, as there are currently no other employment reference check systems in place that allows prospective employers the ability to electronically cross-reference their applicant’s prior employment experiences. Our technology will eventually reduce the fraud which generally occurs when an applicant exaggerates or omits their work history when applying for new jobs. It will also alert prospective employers to potentially harmful behaviors that the employee may have exhibited in the past, such as bad attendance, employee theft etc. Employers have limited options in this department and R.E.F.S.™ has the potential to change that.

The human capacity for misrepresentation is an “innocence” this country can no longer afford. Every American requires gainful employment, but obtaining it unethically is an action we hope to help employers avoid. Minor oversights can put any work environment at risk. Referee™ has the authority and the tools to help lower those risks. Truth is the ultimate sword against untruth.

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Humanity is evolving. So too should the systems in place to verify our experience.


R.E.F.S.™ is our patent-pending encrypted cloud database that maintains and organizes shared employee data where other Subscriber Employers are able to access it through utilization of the EEV™ tool.

Our patent-pending EEV™ tool is the simple process of electronically cross-referencing an applicant’s employment experiences without making any phone calls or sending any emails.

Data Share™ is our business-to-business, two-fold, patent-pending phenomenon that allows Subscriber Employers to securely share basic applicant reference data by uploading it into R.E.F.S.™, where it is accessible by other Subscriber Employers via utilization of the EEV™ tool.


Currently, an employer’s only option is to attempt to verify the work experiences that prospective applicants provide to them, though prospective applicants can simply omit a previous job experience from their application to avoid an unfavorable reference. That reference could possibly alert a future employer to habitual harmful behaviors the applicant has exhibited in the past. With growing employer participation, the act of applicant omissions can become obsolete. The more employers participate in sharing their data through Data Share™ (which is FREE), the less opportunities any applicant can have to redact their work experiences and behaviors, which will reduce employer risks in making uninformed decisions.

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By not requiring sensitive data to substantiate a reference, R.E.F.S.™ will empower employers with the sheer simplicity of existence. The technology possesses the authority to inspire applicant integrity and ethical application processes by an applicant being made aware that the work experiences they list on their applications will be electronically cross-referenced with a new technology that may also reveal work experiences they have not listed on their application.

R.E.F.S™ also empowers businesses and applicants by enabling both to focus on what matters most — getting the job! Let’s face it, most individuals require gainful employment to sustain our lifestyles and employers require ethical and knowledgeable staff to conduct the businesses we are all consumers of. Too often, employers and prospective employees alike lose out on a great opportunity when information is unverifiable because a business reference cannot be verified and/or are untimely in doing so. Referee™ plans to slowly eliminate unverifiable employment references by gathering and storing verified data for subscribers to access. Data is free to report and inexpensive to access.

At Referee™, we prefer a simple fresh approach to common and necessary functions. All entities are equally important to our past, present, and future employee data management needs. Remember that each company, from the tiniest to the largest, contributes to changing the future by reshaping the world, one submission at a time; one concept at a time.

“R.E.F.S.™ may currently be a seed, but tomorrow promises blossomed trees if you water us today.”